update 16.04.2018

Subaru Impreza 22B STi

"bhp": "276 hp",

"torque": "360 NM",

"weight": "1270kg",

"topspeed": "230+km/h",

drive: AWD

Introduced by Subaru in November of 1992, the Impreza is a compact car that was offered in either front wheel or all wheel drive and featured sporty curves. The Impreza came in both four-door sedan/saloon versions or five-door station wagon/estate. More compact than the Legacy, the Impreza had a more enhanced high-performance driving and feeling of quality than its predecessor. 

The Impreza became Subaru's entry into the small-car maket segment in U.S., European, Japanese and numorous other world markets. ‘Subura' a Japanese word meaning ‘unite' has a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction that is represented in their more than 10 million vehicles sold worldwide.

Equipped with a flat engine (or an internal combustion engine, also called a boxermotor) the Impreza came with distinguishable Subaru characteristics. With an engine choice of 1.5: or 1.8L naturally-aspirated engines that were neither turbocharged nor supercharged. 

Available in a 4-wheel drive turbo charged version that delivered 211Bhp and had the distinction of the turbo charger mounted on the right side of the engine. The intercooler is located above the engine, therefore the reason for the big central air vent on the bonnet of the Impreza. On the racing version of the Impreza, the intercooler is located in the front bumper.

The Impreza came with an engine that was mounted longitudinally, making the gearbox and transmission much easier to fit and service. 

For drivers searching for a car that provides thrills without major frills, the Japanese manufacturers have gained the status of being the only ones still able to produce a car for such a low price. Subaru Impreza turbo is gaining impressive commercial success due to price to performance ratio, its racing successes and reliable features. 

The Impreza turbo's commercial success has led to production of more impressive versions that aren't available outside of Japan. The Impreza GT turbo evolved into becoming a multiple World Rally Champion with three world championship titles.

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