Koenigsegg CC GT

update 26.11.2019


 The end result was staggering, the car was super stiff, weighed under 1000 kg without ballast, had over 600 kg downforce and over 600 hp normally aspirated, racing restricted hp.

 The few people that have driven the CCGT state it handles like a dream and that it would have been very competitive.

 The reason why it never went racing? Two months after Koenigsegg started the first shake down runs of the first CCGT, the ACO and FIA changed regulations for the GT1 class. Carbon monocoques were no longer allowed and minimum production numbers went from a total of 20 cars over several years to 350 cars per year! Good night!


The CCGT is truly one of the rarest most exiting Koenigsegg cars ever made.