2010 HONDA HSV-010 GT

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update 19.06.2018

While its predecessor, the NSX-GT, made for easy cornering due to its mid-engine layout, it had a slight lack of stability. With the HSV-010 GT, Honda pursued both speed and stability to the limit. Many people think of the NSX as a “cornering machine,” and we were therefore determined to make the HSV-010 GT “the ultimate cornering machine” that would even surpass the NSX.

HSV-010 GT is a front-engine rear-drive Super GT machine—an attempt that Honda has never made before. Though it was a brand-new and independent challenge, the passion put into the vehicle by our development team, with the technologies cultivated in our history with the NSX-GT, led to the creation of this easy-to-handle, but high performance machine. Newly developed technology were combined with the already proven technology from the NSX. Ideal frame performance was achieved by optimizing the rigidity balance of the main frame. As for the engine, we adopted the HR10EG, which takes the 3.4-liter V8 engine for Formula Nippon and optimizes it for Super GT.

HSV stands for Honda Sports Velocity. As the name “Velocity” suggests, the engine thrives on speed —the core of motorsports. Velocity also implies “speed in a given direction,” and the HSV-010 GT expresses the future direction of Honda racing machine development as well as the engineering team’s dedication to speed.