if you have a 3D model.

We can make the conversion in Assetto Corsa

   The cost of converting - $325*

  time works from 3 days

  format files 3D models *.max 2015(2018), fbx, obj.
  Your 3D model with standart textures (textures that come with the 3D model).

       - 3d model should be polygonal.
       - each mesh should not have more than 1 material and 1 texture.
       - Multimaterials are
NOT supported.

--- If you want to complicate the process (add complex textures, etc.)the price will increase depending on the        complexity of the work
--- wipers will work
--- not have animation: suspension and other small items besides gear shift.

* - Your orders will be posted on our website at our discretion.
If you want your order not to be placed on our site, it is discussed individually.

if you want to ask a question, contact us:  aspec7878@gmail.com